It was traditional years ago to try and enclose patios or alfresco areas using sliding glass doors, windows the odd brick wall and even colorbond sheeting. These days the choice is far greater and a lot more exciting.

Although many clients prefer their alfresco area to be as open as possible during the summer months so they can embrace the amazing climate we enjoy, in winter there are also some very practical options that protect the area from the elements.

It may well be that the alfresco area is not used that often in winter however most clients want to protect the furnishings they have outside without having to move them around too much.

On the other hand we get some amazing days in winter where a late afternoon or early evening event with friends or family fits in perfectly

And something as simple to design as drop down blinds will enclose your alfresco perfectly.


Some of the many ideas Patio Living integrate in their designs include:

  • Remote and manually controlled drop down blinds these come in both plastic and the latest shade view materials, fitted in powdercoated tracks on our frames they blend in perfectly and give a 100% seal against the elements. They have come a long way from the old cafĂ© style blinds fitted in days gone by.
  • Stacker doors or bifolds can also be fitted between the posts or piers of an alfresco and allow our clients to completely open up the area in summer and enclose it in the winter.
  • Powdercoated aluminium shutters like bi fold doors offer the choice of fully enclosed spaces or a partly open design and are often ideal over a bbq or kitchen area for ventilation and weatherproofing of appliances.

We also often design a mixture of products such as rendered walls with blinds, shutters and other fixed openings, this is a popular design choice where the area is large and one product might look to bland.

Patio Living have spent many years resourcing all these solutions and now work with very high quality suppliers to ensure whatever the choice it reflects the quality we insist on in all of our alfrescos.   

Alfresco with Blinds


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