If you’re spending the money on designing and installing an alfresco in your backyard, it makes sense to consider how you might best light it so that you can make the most of it during the evenings.

These days most outdoor areas are illuminated in the evening by an amazing range of LED lighting. They are far cheaper than conventional halogens or outdoor floodlighting and offer far more flexible options for their usage than in  previous years.

Patio Living work with a number of experienced electricians to ensure the most effective lighting solution is designed for you at the best possible price.

If you’ve got a pool in the backyard a water feature or even an exotic palm or tree we can look at how best to illuminate this for you setting the scene for some relaxing evenings where everything is lit up in the best possible way!

Our electrician and designer can also guide you thru heating options, the connections for an alfresco kitchen or power supply for an outdoor music system. We even design decking and stone walls with their own lighting!

Alfresco with Electrical work