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Stunning alfrescos, patios and decks at affordable prices

Adding color is one of the most inexpensive ways you can breathe new life to your outdoor room. Especially when patio season comes rolling in, homeowners often look to add a few fresh colors to keep the patio perky and ready for entertaining guests. Here are a few ways you can use color to add to your patio as well.

A well-thought out Perth alfresco can function as both an extension of your home as well as a quick getaway. Especially with the wonderful outdoors and weather that Perth homeowners have at our disposal, you’d be hard-pressed not to have an alfresco of your own. Choosing to have a patio built is quite different from being able to maximize it, however. Here are some tips to maximizing your very own outdoor room:

For many a homeowner, dining on their patio has more to do with the pleasant ambience that comes with an outdoor room. But did you know that enjoying your meals on your patio can give you more than just being able to appreciate the view from your alfresco? Read on to learn more.

Most of us who grew up in the neighborhoods of Perth probably have awesome memories of stomping around puddles, exploring backyards and just having a blast connecting with their nature. In this increasingly techie world we live in, it’s easy to forget how important it is for kids to have such experiences getting in touch with nature - especially with how busy we often are and how easy it is to just get some screen or gadget to stand in for you.

Homeowners have the chance to let their kids have the same character-building experiences though, especially with the wonderful outdoors that we have here in Perth. With the right push, your backyard can be a world theirs for exploring, and a treasure trove of fun memories.

Whether or not you have any plans for selling your home in the future, the value of your property is highly regarded by many homeowners. Boosting property value has always been a tangible measure of accomplishment and growth as a homeowner, and as such is given a lot of time and effort.

We pretty much specialize in boosting property values vis-à-vis backyard  development, so we thought we’d share some patio upgrades that we’ve seen increase the value of a home from our experience ourselves. Here are some projects you can do to up your home’s appraisal: