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Some homes are bigger than others. As such some homeowners make do without what other homeowners have. People with smaller properties, for instance, often think that their house, with space at a premium, can do without a patio. More often than not, however, people think this way despite the fact that they really, really want one.


Having a small backyard shouldn’t keep you from building a patio if you really want one though. And having a small patio shouldn’t mean having a cramped one. Here are a few tips on styling a small patio:

When it comes to building on your home, it goes without saying that every homeowner wants the best. For some, this means having to work on every detail of the project by themselves. Others feel that leaving everything to the hands of professional builders is the way to do it - they are, after all, the experts on the matter.


Here we’ve got some points for each side of the camp with regards to outdoor projects. Whether you fall in one side or the other is up to you so read on.

Aside from the fact that leaves can be rather unsightly on your al fresco, having your deck peppered with leaves can leave lasting marks or even heavy damage on your outdoor room. To save yourself the hassle, leaves should be one of the things you should plan ahead for. Here are some pointers.


Home decorating can come as easy as stacking shelves for some people, but for others it can be more confusing than solving a rubik’s cube in greyscale.Interior design is one thing, but decorating an outdoor room is an altogether different thing. For one, you can’t just use any furniture you would use for your indoors - there’s are some  differences, and you should know them if you want to make the most of your patio.

Nothing lets you appreciate nature more than having an outdoor room built right into your home. When it comes to livening up your patio with natural accents, what could be better than adding in some plants?


Aside from backyard flora, most homeowners opt to add a few splashes of plant life to their alfresco to really take in nature from the comforts of their own homes. Vines, in particular, come to mind when one thinks of outdoor plants for the home. But could vines actually harm your timber al fresco?