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If you’re a homeowner with a timber patio, chances are you’ve had to deal with some manner of stain or residue on your floors and surfaces. While prevention is definitely the best way to keep your alfresco stain free, it’s almost inevitable that accidents will happen so here’s a quick guide on what to do should you end up with some on yours:

We already know that for any homeowner - especially in lovely Perth - a patio is a worthwhile addition for you to truly enjoy your home’s outdoors. However if you’re looking for a little bit more incentive to get that outdoor room installed. You will be glad to know that a well-designed Perth patio or alfresco can also do wonders to make your home even more valuable come selling time.

While it’s wonderful to wake up to the chirping of birds outside your bedroom window, waking up to a patio covered in bird poop is a huge hassle. Thankfully there are ways to keep your patio bird-free without having to break the bank. Here’s what you can do:

Anyone who’s ever had to plan a part of their home almost always wishes that they had done something else entirely differently after it's completed. It's that or they somehow realize something they feel they should've done during the planning stages. Hopefully with the help of this quick guide we could go over some of the more important (and some that would just be plain helpful) points you should go over when you plan your Perth Patio.

If you’ve ended up on this article, chances are you’ve got a backyard you want to make more use of. If you have an outdoor area in your home that’s just lying about unused, you might want to consider having an alfresco or patio built. Not only does a patio serve as a great extension to your home, it’s also the perfect home addition to take back that idle space.