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Stunning alfrescos, patios and decks at affordable prices

Giving your property value a boost might sound harder than it is, but with a few simple changes you can increase your home’s worth in no time.


1 - Consider Knocking Out Walls

Go over the walls in your home. Are all of them necessary? If you think you can probably do without a non-structural wall, chances are you’re better off knocking them down. Taking down a wall can open up space in your home and really transform its overall feel. You can even extend an existing room into an alfresco and really integrate the space of the outdoors into your home.

As summer once again highlights the true colors of an Australian way of life, it also brings a few unwanted guests – mosquitoes. These pesky buzzing pests not only cut short an alfresco moment, they can also transmit deadly viruses and diseases which are becoming more of a concern around the world. Mosquitos can be a very persistent problem if you have them  and if you love lounging alfresco, mosquitoes are your worst nightmare! This prompted us to have a look around for the most effective and safest way to stop mosquitos from taking over your backyard.

Succulents are easily identified by fleshy or swollen (hence the the term succulent) leaves and stems which are a result of higher water retention compared to other plants. Some of them bear flowers while others have vibrant colors on their fleshy leaves. These plants are generally drought resistant and only only need water between every one to three weeks.


Planning is the foundation of all building projects – time, budget, materials, manpower, delivery – and everything else all depends on the contents of the plan. And the key to a successful plan is the time allocated to it. If you’d like to enjoy a stunning alfresco living area by next summer, starting to plan for it now makes perfect sense!  To give you a better understanding why it’s ideal to plan your backyard project for next summer now, we’ll walk you through our very own planning process and timeline.

Recently, there has been an increasing need for roofing services in Australia as more people are starting to appreciate better the great summer weather by building alfresco living spaces. When it comes to your patio, which type of roofing is best and why?