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Having a great alfresco installed is definitely a great way to make the most of your home’s surroundings. Not only is a well-kept patio the perfect place for lounging and dining, but it’s also a boon to homeowners in how much it boosts your property’s value.


Keeping your alfresco design at peak condition can be something of a challenge for many homeowners though, especially for those of us who aren’t all too maintenance-and-DIY-savvy. So we put together this handy little guide for all of you out there who want to stay on top of your hardwood alfresco maintenance.

Perth has some of the best neighborhoods for hosting outdoor dinners - especially if your home is fitted with a nice outdoor room. And with great vineyards just near the area, you’ll never run out of great varietals to pair with your dishes.

A good Alfresco can be a lot of things to a homeowner; a place where you can be alone with your thoughts, a place where you can enjoy a lazy afternoon nap, or someplace to go to and take a load off - especially after a hard day’s work.


If you’ve got the space for an outdoor room but haven’t really had one installed, you’re sorely missing out. If you do have a patio and are looking to breathe new life into your alfresco design, then read on and follow these tips on what you can do with to keep your backyard fresh.

Giving your property value a boost might sound harder than it is, but with a few simple changes you can increase your home’s worth in no time.


1 - Consider Knocking Out Walls

Go over the walls in your home. Are all of them necessary? If you think you can probably do without a non-structural wall, chances are you’re better off knocking them down. Taking down a wall can open up space in your home and really transform its overall feel. You can even extend an existing room into an alfresco and really integrate the space of the outdoors into your home.

As summer once again highlights the true colors of an Australian way of life, it also brings a few unwanted guests – mosquitoes. These pesky buzzing pests not only cut short an alfresco moment, they can also transmit deadly viruses and diseases which are becoming more of a concern around the world. Mosquitos can be a very persistent problem if you have them  and if you love lounging alfresco, mosquitoes are your worst nightmare! This prompted us to have a look around for the most effective and safest way to stop mosquitos from taking over your backyard.