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Stunning alfrescos, patios and decks at affordable prices

If you’ve been planning the ultimate backyard makeover for quite a while, now is the perfect time to get it started! As we carry on to 2016 and acquire this year’s materials in bulk, overstocked items from last year lets us offer great package discounts for the month. We are currently giving amazing deals on decking, lined alfrescos and timber framed patios off of a 2015 price list. You’ll get the same outstanding services and the same high-quality materials for a big discount!  

Certain types of plants and garden accents deliver an extraordinary vibe to an alfresco. We’ve listed below several garden trends to inspire your imagination and create stunning new possibilities for your space. What’s even better is that most of these plants and accents are almost maintenance-free! Here are just some of the most fascinating garden ideas you can try.   

Renowned landmarks of the world have one thing in common -  beauty that reflects culture, history and uniqueness. They highlight the best in their people; their achievements, legacy and aspirations. These traditional forms of architecture look to a combination of functionality and aspirational decorative flourishes. And these traditional styles are changing as today's fast paced lifestyles develop a different architectural outlook.  



Bbq has always been the norm for outdoor entertainment. It’s almost a requisite in every household and outdoor events. However, if you want to add more elements to your meals prepared alfresco, an outdoor wood fired oven is guaranteed to up the ante with home made pizzas, smoked dishes, stews as well as bbqs and even breads!


It’s a nice versatile centerpiece that your family and friends will surely enjoy.  Here are a few things to think about if you are thinking about taking the plunge and installing a wood fired oven.

Aside from taking advantage of an empty backyard space, an outdoor kitchen opens your living area to the outdoors and provides you with the perfect outdoor entertaining setting and means that no more will you be slaving away in the house while your guests enjoy themselves under your alfresco.  


Cooking outdoors will also let your house keep its temperature without extra heat from the kitchen. You’ll also notice a reduction in cooking smells in your home the more you cook outdoors. However, the benefits of a great outdoor kitchen will only materialise if you’ve put a lot of thought into it’s installation before you make any final decisions.