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On a good day you can sit back and relax on your patio, maybe looking out onto the ocean, sipping freshly brewed coffee (or something stronger) wishing that this moment could last forever. Doing or thinking about nothing at all, before another Monday arrives is priceless.


Yes, it’s a dream. Moments, life and the the term “forever” are not very often compatible - just like many areas in Perth and steel patio frames. However, you can at least make your alfresco last even more than 25 years if you make a good choice.


A study from a reputed University showed that “Green Therapy” or “Ecotherapy” helps in alleviating various mental health problems such as stress and depression.


This type of therapy also showed that it helps reduce social isolation and improves physical health. The study shows that 71% of the participants who are battling depression showed improvements after spending some time with nature.

In the last decade, Steel framing has been gaining popularity among contractors as a better option for building alfrescoes. The growth of Steel indicates notable positive sentiment from homeowners as well.


On the other hand, many remain loyal to timber frames and there are plenty of good reasons for it. Before you decide which type of frame to use, you’ll want to be aware of these relevant points first.

When I recently went back to jogging through the usual trail near our house, I thought for a moment that I’d absent-mindedly wandered off track and lost my way.


Thankfully, the street signs and a few inquiries from passersby  confirmed that it’s the exact same place! The blocks of brown and black rocks, rows of lavender pots, green roses and yellow bushes with scattered wooden benches transformed the trail to a new scenic spot.



Famous architect Harry Gesner shared his wisdom in the value of integrating the forces of nature with architecture.


His architectural acumen practically sums up our inspiration in creating alfresco living concepts geared at adapting the beauty of nature and its elements while creating harmony in style.