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Outdoor living spaces are great, especially during the summer months, but the pleasures of lazily lounging in your alfresco may be ruined by the presence of some uninvited guests. Summer brings all the things we love -- warmth, greenery and soothing summer drizzles, among many others. However, what we love about summer are the very same things that bring the bugs out. And where there are insects there is always the possibility of insect bites and stings.


Summer and outdoor games go hand in hand so why not gather up the whole family for a few hours of fun and games in the alfresco? Enjoying some time with the kids not only provides precious bonding moments but also offers psychological, social and physical benefits. It’s a great way to peel yourself away from work and reduce stress while the kids peel themselves away from their video games and learn to socialize. Here are a few fun alfresco ideas you can explore.


Before you start constructing your alfresco, your contractor for these construction services needs to secure the proper permits from your local council. There are two types of permits you may need to obtain.


There are a couple of great reasons for you to build an outdoor kitchen right in your alfresco. It’s a fun way to entertain guests. After all, who doesn’t love to hang out by the grill to see what’s cooking? Adding a kitchen is a solid investment that extends your living space and adds value to your property. A modern kitchen built using high quality materials will provide years of pleasure and enjoyment. Plus, cooking outdoor lets you cook on the barbie a lot more without having to worry about smoke and odours in your house. And it’s a healthier alternative, too. Grilled food is incredibly tasty and has less grease.

Way back in 1983, Paul Hogan starred in a TV commercial that aimed to get Americans to visit Australia. Toward the end of the commercial, Hogan promises to “slip an extra shrimp on the barbie.” And that’s how barbecue virtually launched Australia’s tourism boom.