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You may have considered building your alfresco to entertain guests and to add value to your property. But whether you are aware of it or not, your alfresco also happens to be your most potent weapon against the stresses of daily living. Experts -- both scientists and mystics, alike -- have preached the benefits of meditation and relaxation for peace of mind and to overcome stress, worry, anxieties, lack of focus and other maladies of the mind. Meditation has been proven to enhance the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being of people.

As the summer season kicks in heat becomes a factor and thirst turns into a real concern. Why not invite people over for drinks in your alfresco? There’s no better way to turn parties and potlucks into unforgettable summer events than by serving up ice-cold beverages that beat the heat. Here’s our take on entertaining with drinks in your alfresco.




If you have unused areas around your house and have been contemplating on useful backyard ideas, consider building an alfresco or a patio to reclaim the idle space. An outdoor extension gives you so many benefits that it clearly makes a lot of sense to get the build going as soon as possible.

When used properly, non-slip tape can prevent accidents and even add flair to your deck’s design. Usually made of flexible and durable materials, non slip tapes are attached with self- adhesive properties or added adhesive compounds.


There are quite a few tapes out there with varying materials, textures and colors to consider.  For an easier time picking which one to use, take a look at our quick guide in choosing non-slip tapes.


When it comes to flooring materials for your outdoor patio or alfresco, there is a wide range of choices available and selecting the right one can become complicated. It helps to categorise the materials you are considering into a few main types. Let’s check out each of these outdoor flooring categories and see what the advantages and disadvantages are for each type.