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Stunning alfrescos, patios and decks at affordable prices

Your patio deck is a solid investment that provides tremendous returns, not only in the overall financial value of your property, but also in terms of the personal satisfaction you get from it. Your investment will go a long, long way if you can keep it well-maintained and prevent damage that requires costly repairs. Follow these tips to keep your patio deck looking fresh and fantastic!

We’ve come a long way from when outdoor fun meant only a picnic basket, a blanket and a grassy spot in the park. Modern alfrescos now let you merge the comfort of your home with the beauty of the great outdoors. And you can give your outdoor extension a more homey feel by sprucing it up with accessories and creature comforts that suit your taste and style.

You want to entertain guests in your alfresco, you say. So what, exactly, does it take to be the gracious host or hostess of the most memorable alfresco party in your neighborhood? Here are some tips on topnotch alfresco entertaining.

Furnishing your alfresco can be a fun activity that reflects your personality, style and creativity. But the furniture you choose for your outdoor home extension should also be guided by why you built it in the first place and by the realities of outdoor living.

More than ever a large number of West Australians are thinking about building an alfresco extension to their home. Many feel that moving to a new home is full of hassles and risks, so they would much rather build an extension than move.