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Stunning alfrescos, patios and decks at affordable prices

Furnishing your alfresco can be a fun activity that reflects your personality, style and creativity. But the furniture you choose for your outdoor home extension should also be guided by why you built it in the first place and by the realities of outdoor living.

More than ever a large number of West Australians are thinking about building an alfresco extension to their home. Many feel that moving to a new home is full of hassles and risks, so they would much rather build an extension than move.

Alfresco lighting tips

With the end of the winter season in sight, it’s time to look forward to warm summer nights entertaining family and friends in your alfresco. To create that fun, warm and cozy atmosphere that makes the experience truly memorable, you need to pay attention to how you set up your alfresco lighting.

Bushfires are one of the hazards of the environment in Australia, but many Australians have not safeguarded their homes against them. Of course, you cannot control a bushfire – but you can prepare your home and make it safer.

Are you building a deck or outdoor living space out of timber for your home? In any situation where you are working with timber it is important that you follow the appropriate safety tips.