With some of the best beaches, mountain ranges, and outdoors, there’s no doubt that Oz got a fairly decent slice of the “Great Outdoors” pie. This coupled with the great warm weather we’ve been blessed with is one of the reasons Aussie homeowners make the most of their homes’ backyards with a great outdoor room or alfresco. It also helps that working on your alfresco gives your property a boost in value, so if you want to maximize all the perks of your great Australian backyard, then you might want to check out these tips:




A well-kept backyard with fully-developed trees can do wonders for your backyard. If you’re looking at a long-term investment that could give your property resell a value a huge boost down the line, investing in proper landscaping early on is a great place to start.


Consult with an expert on the best placement for your trees. You wouldn’t want to invest so much time only to regret it down the road.




One of the most effective ways to entice potential buyers is to make sure that your lawns have lush green grass. This can be best achieved through proper maintenance to ensure a healthy lawn, but should you be in a sudden need for a fresh patch, you can always opt to lay new sod. It will be a bit costlier though.




If you have the space for it, having a well placed and attractive fish pond in your own backyard can also boost your property value. Make sure you line your pond properly (you wouldn’t just want to fill up a ditch you dug with water!) to avoid water seepage. If you can afford it, go for gunite, which is a concrete spray that lasts longer and makes for easier incorporation of lighting and design accents.


The sealed dig is just the first part, as a good pond will need to incorporate landscaping elements like rocks and plants as well, and of course the fish! It may sound a tad tedious, but you’d be surprised at how much it could up the value of your property.




Nothing makes for a more fun and whimsical backyard than a fully-functioning tree fort that can serve as a playtime base for kids. Even better, make it a fully-functioning and well-designed tree house that serves as a getaway for adults and you have a backyard project that could do wonders for your property value. Keep in mind though, that unlike the forts you used to romp around in as a kid, you want this adult tree house to be accessible, so give it a proper set of stairs rather than a rope ladder to hoist up once you’re inside.




Finally, one of the best projects you can do to give your home’s value a huge boost is to incorporate an extension of your house that makes the most of your backyard and the beauty of the outdoors with an outdoor room or alfresco.



Great alfresco design can increase your home’s value by a  huge percentage.Small backyards can be made to look cozier and intimate, while a spacious one can be a great place to entertain guests or even hold events.