Wooden furniture. It’s definitely one of the first things that come to mind when we think of great pieces for our outdoor room or alfresco. While they definitely complement the whole “outdoorsiness” of having a patio, wooden furniture take some care to maintain and keep clean. Here are some tips on getting your wooden alfresco furniture up to snuff:



Furniture care and maintenance starts with your furniture itself. Knowing what you’re working with will help you plot out how you’ll take care of your furniture. If you’re still in the market for patio furniture, it’s something to keep in mind as well.



Wooden patio furniture made of wood such as white oak, cedar, and teak are well known for resistance to rot and are a good place to start. They’re also pretty tough against normal exposure to elements, which makes them a good choice for an outdoor room.




One of the more common ways to treat your wooden patio furniture to keep them looking spiffy and new is with the use of wood sealants and stains. You can get sealants from your local woodworking/hardware store. Using a sealant/stain will preserve the natural color of your wooden furniture and add a layer of protection.


Generally, to apply sealant you will first have to clean your furniture, sand them, and apply the sealant. You’ll also have to reseal every few years or so - just repeat the process.




Perhaps the most basic and simple means of protecting your wooden patio furniture is to make use of furniture covers. Just because it’s so simple doesn’t mean it’s any less effective though. Especially if you’re one who doesn’t use their patio furniture for long periods at a time, or doesn’t mind taking off and putting on furniture covers every now and then.


Some patio furniture manufacturers anticipate such needs and provide covers for their products. Some also offer cover manufacturing services - or you can make your own from tarps and canvases.



Of course, regular cleaning is also a great way to take care of your furniture. You’d be surprised at how much a little brushing, sweeping, and wiping down can do to extend your furniture’s lifespan. It also often boils down to a matter of discipline; if you spill or make a mess on your furniture - or patio floorboards, for that matter - always wipe, clean it off immediately. Do a regular check for any such messes anyone else may have caused as well - especially if you don’t live alone.