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Cushions are some of the most hard-working amenities in your home. They are designed to give you comfort while actually taking abuse from constant use. Now consider how your patio cushions have all of that to deal with, AND the constant exposure to outside weather. Add some bonus damage points if you have pets, kids, or are a bit of a roughhouser yourself.


If you’re looking to get your outdoor room cushions in great shape again, we’ve got you covered. Check out these tips and see how you can get your al fresco cushions in tip-top condition again.



Even if you get “weatherproof” cushions specifically designed for patio or outdoor room use, chances are they’ll still receive weather damage over time. Which isn’t to say that “weatherproof” cushions and non-weatherproofed ones are the same - heavens, no. You’re still better off with the weatherproofed variety of course.


One thing you want to look out for is to get those cushions made from “reticulated foam”. Reticulated foam is a material that allows for liquids to run through it easily with the least moisture retention due to its porous nature. Make sure you place your cushions seam-side down to allow for water to drain fully.


It’s worth also noting that weatherproof cushions can be extremely expensive!



If you want the keep the color in your patio cushions from fading, another thing to consider upon purchasing would be the use of solution-dyed acrylic materials. These make for the more colorfast cushions and are rather resistant to degradation, particularly from direct sunlight and UV rays.



Maintenance is probably one of the most obvious ways to keep your patio cushions in tip-top shape. It’s also often the most overlooked. Sure a lot of us can’t find the time to dust, fluff, or wipe our cushions but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done altogether.


If cleaning is not something you are too enthusiastic about it might be worth looking into a cover for the cushions when you are not using them.



Any sort of spillage on your cushions is bound to leave a stain - especially if not dealt with immediately. For your cushion stains, it’s often best to use a mild soap and lukewarm water solution along with a soft bristle brush. Soak the fabric thoroughly as you brush. Rinse properly to make sure you get all of the soap residue out. FInally, hang it out to dry instead of tossing it in the machine dryer.


Having a great outdoor room relies on all of its elements to pull the alfresco together. To really keep your patio design top notch, it’s important that you take care of all its amenities, patio cushions notwithstanding.




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