Many years ago technology was developed for living quarters in mining areas where well-insulated roof designs would help the workforce survive the heat in between shifts.

The solution: a plastic coated steel topped sheet with insulation sandwiched in the middle made its way down to Perth and became a standard addition to the cheap add-a-rooms and lean-to type patios which became popular many years ago.

In recent years there has been an almost universal move away from these simple roofing solutions to more conventional building practices - but why?

The answer lies in two areas; the nature of the material and the quality of its installation.

Almost all building companies and professional carpenters will use standard material and building practices i.e., a roof, separate insulation and a choice of lining materials.

This provides the client with:

  • A better looking finish
  • Better insulation
  • More flexibility for the electrician to add specialised lighting and fans
  • A longer lasting product
  • A far more professional installation

Ultimately due to the desire of both the suppliers and the sales people who market the pre-insulated sheet to offer the cheapest option, quality seems to have been forgotten.

This was possibly more acceptable a decade ago when clients' expectations for their alfresco extension were not that high. These days the project is seen as an extension to their home and a major investment in their home's value. In years to come when the pre-insulated sheets have almost been completely phased out, the choice in roofing solutions may have a big impact on how wise an investment the client made!


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