At a time where it’s easy to become very tired of the negativity surrounding the election, and it gets exhausting listening to two political parties telling us how bad the world might become if the other is elected, it’s also the perfect time to start on a project like your new alfresco!

You might think it a big leap in logic, but it’s actually all about taking advantage of a time where most clients have bunkered down and are waiting for the election to finish before they start their spending spree.

If you combine the timing of the election with a traditionally quiet period (winter) for the building industry its fairly obvious there will not be a mad panic to spend money!

So the wise investor will always come out at this time for several reasons;

It’s the perfect time to obtain the time you need from experts in the industry, at Patio Living we are not dealing with the spring rush and have time for our clients. This means more time to design and offer advice on site, a construction crew not under any pressure to deliver for an Xmas deadline, and shires who are better placed to approve planning applications than they will be come September when things will gather pace.

Prices are lower, there is no doubt that demand and supply are closely linked and our suppliers are never generous with their prices if their products are flying out the door, likewise installers and carpenters are not stretched so they are competitively priced and again have more time to ensure the standard of workmanship is as high as possible.

The next 2 months are also the launch pad for summer and projects that need to be finished in time for Xmas or the summer must be started before August.

So whilst most people are dreading listening to commentary on the lack of investment in infrastructure or the state of our nation in general take control of your own lives and start something very exciting the re birth of your back yard!