Some homes are bigger than others. As such some homeowners make do without what other homeowners have. People with smaller properties, for instance, often think that their house, with space at a premium, can do without a patio. More often than not, however, people think this way despite the fact that they really, really want one.


Having a small backyard shouldn’t keep you from building a patio if you really want one though. And having a small patio shouldn’t mean having a cramped one. Here are a few tips on styling a small patio:




You might think it’s best to dedicate what little space you have on your patio to make the entire space a dining area, or to fit in the biggest lounge chairs you can, but such logic usually leads to even more cramped spaces. Opt instead for smaller sets of what you want. A small bar and a pair of stools instead of a huge counter. A quaint loveseat instead of huge sofa sets. This will give the appearance of a bigger space.




Go for furniture that serve a dual purpose to ensure that you maximize the space you allot to it. Seats that recline for lounging, tables that serve as storage space, these are just some examples of dual-purpose furniture. You can also line your walls with shelves or compartments to save on storage space.




Ample lighting makes small spaces seem less cramped. Keep things well-lit and your patio will seem roomier than if there are shadows cast everywhere. To make it look even less cramped, try to make the most of any natural light in your patio area.




Avoid cluttering up your patio with too much decor. Other than the furniture, it’s best you keep your accents to a minimum. Intricate patterns can also cause your brain to think your patio design is a bit convoluted. Stick with bold flourishes and solid colors that complement your existing furniture.