The past few years have seen some of the biggest leaps forward in terms of technology - which in turn extends to all other industries and aspects of life; including home improvements.For every techie homeowner the dream of having a tricked-out home requires you to always keep up with the times. If you’re looking for the freshest gadgets to add to your home, here are some that are worth checking out:




Barbecues are one of the staples of timber patio entertainment. Popular alfresco designs Perth homeowners go for often include designated areas for grills and outdoor kitchen setups, but most techie grillmeisters would welcome a fancypants barbie thermometer like this bluetooth-compatible one from Oregon Scientific.






One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors on your timber patio is to have a great audio system setup. Not only does cranking out some tunes make for a great way to relax, it also makes for a real banging party should you take celebrations out your backyard as well. Check out ION Audio’s Bluetooth Rock Speaker if you want something nondescript to surprise your friends, or if you want something for your pool, Ivation’s floating speakers should do the trick. I personally own a UE Boom 2 bluetooth speaker which is waterproof and can recommend, and Sonos speaker systems are widely available and recommended by many!





Game day barbies are always better when you watch the game on a huge screen. This is one of those cases where bigger is usually better. Having to lug a huge set out of the house every time you want to watch outside can be a bit of a pain though. Thankfully there are tellies specifically made for outdoor viewing like this 49” set from SunBriteTV. If projector screens are more your thing there are also a lot of options such as those from





Keeping your backyard in tip-top condition is also a lot easier with the latest backyard tech. There are a lot of automated options for your tech’ed out backyard, but this DIY 3D-printed lawnmower you can put together yourself takes the cake.





The perfect marriage of nature and technology, this bird feeding photography tool from Bird Photo Booth helps you make the most of your backyard’s avian wildlife while you take a backseat.