One of the best ways to improve the value of your property is to make it appealing not only on paper, but from an outsider's’ point of view as well. Making your home appealing to onlookers - or “curb appeal” can do a lot of good in improving your property value.


Where else to start than to work on your home’s exteriors. Making improvements on your home’s facade can be a very rewarding task not only in the value of your home but in your pride as a homeowner as well as your neighbors and friends start complimenting your home.




One of the obvious measures you can take to improve your home’s exterior aesthetics is to keep it clean. You probably already engage in the usual raking of leaves and keeping your surroundings clutter-free, but one of the more often overlooked aspects of keeping a home clean are the walls and windows - your home’s “outer shell”, so to speak.


Consider a good power wash session for your home’s exterior walls. You’ll probably be surprised at how much of your home’s original paint job had already been muddled up by the subtle layer of dirt on it. Getting your windows cleaned would also give your home that sheen you didn’t think you were missing.




Your door being the literal way into your home, you’d be surprised at how much it factors in in creating a great impression on people - especially visitors. Studies have related how keeping old front doors can give the impression of a worn-out home.




Trimming your hedges and dressing up your tresses can go a long way in increasing the value of your home. Consult with a professional to know what plants would work best with your soil, as well as when it would be best to plant them in your home (and when to plant something else).




While square footage on paper definitely holds a lot of sway in dictating your home’s value, being able to gauge that amount of space in person counts for a lot too. And nothing gives you an expansive feel of space like a wide deck. Keep your patio deck tidy and uncluttered and you’ll definitely make a great impression when prospective buyers come over.