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When it comes to giving your home a quick (and relatively low-cost) remodeling job, nothing beats changing out color schemes. A different palette can make a huge change on how your home is perceived, and even more so on your patio. Most alfresco design Perth homeowners work with are centered on a rustic, natural aesthetic; usually to go with the lovely timber use for their ceilings and floors, but there’s more to your patio than just a natural wood finish.


One Color / One Saturation

Working with a single color can seem bland to some, but it can make for a really well-put-together room. Consider working with a single color for your patio - but stick with a singular level of intensity or saturation. Tweak with different shades of brightness for a variety in shades.


Green, Brown, Purple

Maintaining a natural look is more than just sticking with a natural wood palette. There are a lot more color schemes to glean from nature though, Take the eggplant for example. Best used with muted earth tones, this palette is easily attained through use of natural wood finishes along with various green and purple fabrics.


Canary Yellow + Black

The timeless color combination of yellow and black works for more than just a cautionary color for industrial areas. Try out this combination on your patio to add more vibrance and life into your surroundings. Goes particularly well with mainly yellow patio cushions, accented by splashes of black.




Google Image Search all of the citrus fruits you can think of (if you need any help, you can also Google for a list of citrus fruits). Take note of the varying colors from bright yellow lemons to deep red blood oranges. Such a color palette evokes a playful yet natural tone from your patio. Items in such colors are also not that hard to find.



Blue and Orange

What are the chances of the rest of your home uses a blue and orange color scheme? This palette evokes a playful, exotic feel that often convinces your mind that you’re actually on vacation, lending to that “home away from home” aspect to your outdoor room. On the offchance that you already do employ the palette on your home, then now you’ve got an alfresco design to match everything else!



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