Homes are often designed with the ideas of purpose and style. Stepping into a new home often inspires feelings of excitement and joy for homeowners, but in time the excitement we feel turns into passive acceptance and our homes get taken for granted. The same holds true for our patios and alfrescos, which is why we thought we’d help you breathe new life to your patios and make them a fun place to hang out again. Here are some tips:





Nothing breathes new life into an alfresco area like a renovation project. Other than a total remodel of your patio space, you can opt for more dynamic furniture that promotes a more “fun” ambience. Ditch sharp angled furniture for curvier ones - case in point; a round table provides a more dynamic approach to entertaining guests than a rectangular or square table that has a more defined seating capacity.





One of the more fun aspects of remodeling is the idea of adding aspects to your alfresco design from currently existing items that may have already lost their fun factor. Repurposing say, an old shelf into a plant box allows you to breathe new life not only into your old items, but into your entire alfresco area as well.





A common design practice for an alfresco areas in Perth is the use of mostly neutral colors. This is because patios and alfresco areas are often associated with - of course -nature and the outdoors.Nobody ever said you had to stick with desaturated browns and greens though! Adding splashes of vibrant colors through your fabrics and furniture can do a lot to make your patio a fun place to hang out again.





You don’t have to be a mural painter or an installation art sculptor to get creative and personal in your home. There are a lot of crafty decor projects online that anyone can work on, and will serve as a great conversation piece in your home. No matter how your project turns out, there will always be something to talk about from your time working on it.






A fascinatingly popular lighting trend common among alfrescos are lights on a string. Stringing up lights not only makes for a great way to lend a fun and festive atmosphere to your patio, it’s also a great way to shine light on otherwise gloomy nooks and crannies of your alfresco!