Most of us who grew up in the neighborhoods of Perth probably have awesome memories of stomping around puddles, exploring backyards and just having a blast connecting with their nature. In this increasingly techie world we live in, it’s easy to forget how important it is for kids to have such experiences getting in touch with nature - especially with how busy we often are and how easy it is to just get some screen or gadget to stand in for you.

Homeowners have the chance to let their kids have the same character-building experiences though, especially with the wonderful outdoors that we have here in Perth. With the right push, your backyard can be a world theirs for exploring, and a treasure trove of fun memories.




“Ugh, more rules!”

This first bit may not be something you’d want to read about in an article supposedly geared to help you transform your backyard into a playtime paradise, but hear me out. Before you even let your little rascals run about on your perfectly pedicured patio area, it’s important that you draw the line somewhere and designate “restricted areas” - this will keep your little ones from tracking in unnecessary dirt as well as from breaking anything due to horseplay and roughhousing. After that, everything is pretty much fair game.




While you might be thinking it’s great to have a lot of outdoor toys lying around, you’d be surprised how much more fun kids can have with a bunch of blocks, logs, branches and whatever miscellaneous stuff they can get their hands on. Not that huge outdoor jenga blocks or a frisbee or even a bouncy castle isn’t any fun, but kids tend to gravitate towards items that allow creative freedom to reign. Have a bunch of logs, pinecones, boards, branches, and such and it’s likely that they’ll build something out of it - and have a blast while doing so too!




Again, while a huge bouncy castle is a blast to play in - or it’s entirely more convenient to have one of those hard plastic playground setups built, your best bet at a truly memorable backyard playground setup is to go build a play area yourself. You’d be surprised how much fun your kids can have from just a few well-planted logs, some boards, and some rope. Setting it up is part of the fun as well, and one of the most memorable and rewarding activities any kid could have ever hope for.




Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you have to make playtime always about jumping and running around. Just as most of us adults enjoy the peaceful, laid-back ambience that only a patio can provide, kids can also create great playtime memories outside. Your patio is perfect for enjoying most board games. A fire pit is also great for storytime and a warm cup of cocoa. There’s always something for kids to do on a well-planned and designed patio, and making those memories with them will be well worth any effort you put into setting it all up.