For many a homeowner, dining on their patio has more to do with the pleasant ambience that comes with an outdoor room. But did you know that enjoying your meals on your patio can give you more than just being able to appreciate the view from your alfresco? Read on to learn more.



Your surroundings play a huge role in how you feel - and what you feel like doing. Try holing up in a dark, cozy room with a pile of movies or video games and chances are you won’t be thinking of exercising. Flip the script and get yourself outside in the bright sunshiney day and you’ll probably feel like taking a stroll at the very least. Placing yourself in a position where it’s easy to stay active and healthy will give you a better shot at keeping healthier.



The outdoors has been known to have a peaceful, calming effect on people. It also helps people when they’re having a hard time keeping their focus. Placing yourself in an expanse connected to nature helps you keep a clear head and allow you to devote your attention wholly to whatever task it is at hand.


Studies have shown how spending time outside has helped those with ADHD improve their attention, citing the “green surroundings” as a notable factor in improving the focus of their subjects.



Perth homeowners are among the few who can really make the most of their backyards and incorporate nature into their homes by means of their alfresco. Being able to enjoy a refreshing afternoon on your patio in the summer, or having a barbie come winter is one of the many perks of being a homeowner in Perth. Basking in the warmth of the sun, however brings one of the more important benefits of outdoor dining: Vitamin D.


Being able to soak in the rays of the sun gives you a great source of vitamin D while being able to lounge comfortably in your own home. Vitamin D, of course, is known to keep your bones healthy, is great for the body’s immune system, has also been known to strengthen your heart.



There has been research suggesting people who spend too much time in windowless rooms are prone to anxiety and bouts of depression, whereas frequent exposure to the outdoors often lead to happier, more content lives. It’s no surprise, considering how being in wide open spaces allows your body and mind to breathe, all of which you can do from the comforts of your own home with a well-designed Perth alfresco.