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Adding color is one of the most inexpensive ways you can breathe new life to your outdoor room. Especially when patio season comes rolling in, homeowners often look to add a few fresh colors to keep the patio perky and ready for entertaining guests. Here are a few ways you can use color to add to your patio as well.



While some people are able to pull off a patio look with multiple colors, it’s still a lot better (and easier) if you find a palette and work with it. Traditional colors for patios and pergolas Perth homeowners go for usually include a more rustic feel to them, but who’s to stop you from adding bright vivid colors? So long as your colors work together to bring out a fresh patio, feel free to mix and match with vibrant colors!



Other than timber, plants and rocks are also some of the best accent pieces to evoke a natural and outdoorsy feel to your al fresco. Succulents are perfect for Perth weather, and are low-maintenance. You can also use rocks by placing stepping stones or creating a pathway with pebbles to contrast with your lawn.



Another inexpensive way to brighten up your patio, fabrics are easily interchangeable, and easy to mix and match. Add curtains to parts of your al fresco to give it a luxurious and fresh aesthetic, or you can drape fabrics over seats and lighting to add to the mood.



Throw pillows are a great way to easily change up the look and feel of your alfresco. Not only do they immediately add a homey, comfortable vibe to your patio, much like the use of fabrics, throw pillows are easily interchangeable, or at the very least their covers are. You can even save up and pull double duty with your throw pillows by using covers that have different colors on each side - one for whatever mood or theme you’re going for at the time.



In the words of The Dude, “It really tied the room together.”


As far as fabrics go, rugs can be one of the costlier implementations of the concept. They’re also among the most effective. A good rug can really brighten up a space, and the best part about it is that you can easily store it away if you don’t feel like it.



Do-it-yourself repurposing projects are a fun and cost-efficient way to breathe new life into old objects, as well as into your pergola or patio area. Try out a few DIY projects yourself, and paint it the way you want it to tie it in with your patio. Just make sure that you only tackle DIY projects you are comfortable with at your skill level - and leave the building of your actual patio to the experts!




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