Other than the natural beauty of the outdoors and the popular alfresco design Perth homeowners often pick for their homes, lighting is one of the biggest factors to drive your patio’s aesthetic appeal. Lighting is very important in creating a lasting impression for your backyard - thus making an impact on the value of your property as well.


One of the more popular patio lighting options has always been string lights - and understandably so; they look amazing on any outdoor setup! You’ve probably been wondering about getting some to run across your outdoor areas, here are some ideas to help get you started:




While lighting is commonly seen as a necessity to keep the home from falling into darkness, lights can actually be implemented creatively to evoke a wide range of emotion. String lights, for example, add a touch of magic and whimsy to any space. And while it’s easy to fall into the concept of placing string lights from point to point to point, one other way involves bunching your string lights together as a mass of lights.


Place your lights in a clear, heat-resistant glass container and the effect is wonderfully magical - like you’ve bottled up a little bit of magic to light up your backyard!



One of the most basic uses for string lights is to string them around the perimeter of your backyard. Place them along your walls and fence, or string them high up on poles to line the border of your property. Either way the effect will add a warm and homey atmosphere to your backyard, and give a more definite boundary despite the open space.



Another great use of string lights is for illuminating paths across your backyard. Especially for particularly dark walkways around the house into the backyard, having string lights can spell the difference between a magical experience and stubbing your toe in the dark.


Place your lights where you won’t be stepping on them when they’re turned off. Or you could string them up on short poles you can plant parallel to your walkways. Not only does it make your home even more welcoming and magical, it’s also really convenient!



Want that new conversation piece of yours well-lit? Place your string lights in a ring around it - on it’s base or on the floor - and you’ll have yourself a well, even dramatically-lit piece. Just make sure you keep them away from where people might step on them. You can even go ahead and drape lights on them for some objects like sculptures for a touch of playfulness!