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Having a well-built patio in your home is a smart investment, as many homeowners see it as “the gift that keeps on giving”. Not only do homeowners earn a wonderful new spot in their home to unwind and relax, but a good patio also goes a long way for your property value - especially if you keep it well-maintained and damage-free. If you’re wondering what steps you can take to maintain a high-quality patio, read on.


As any Perth homeowner can tell you, your best bet at taking care for your patio is to take into account how our homes have to deal with the changing Australian seasons. As our homes protect us from one season to the next, so too should we treat our patio maintenance correspondingly. Here’s a quick guide of what you can do during each season.


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Autumn Prevention

Autumn is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to prepare their patios and prevent any damage from weather wear and tear. Keep any surrounding hedges, trees, and all sorts of vegetation well-trimmed. Keeping any flora away by at least half a meter will lower the chance of any encroaching foliage building up. Likewise rot. Get rid of any accumulated leaves, whether in piles in your yard or on your gutters.



Springtime Sealing

Come late spring - right before summer comes strolling in - the best treatment you can do is wash and seal your timber patio or outdoor flooring. Washing during springtime helps to keep mold and mildew from taking root and will rid your alfresco of any possibility of degradation. Make use of a glazing knife or putty knife between boards to scrape off any debris that may have collected in the winter.


Check with your contractor for the best cleaner to use on your deck. Make sure you carefully read and follow the instructions to see whether you should apply the cleaner to a wet or dry deck. The same goes with degreasers and detergents to rid your alfresco of oil and grease stains.


It’s best do your cleaning during a cloudy day if you want to keep your cleaning solution from evaporating. To make sure your deck dries out properly, it’s best to wait for a couple of days of medium temperature and clear skies. Before you apply any sealant, make sure all protrusions such as nails and such are either replaced or sanded down.


Summer Inspections

Warm and dry summer days are the best time for you to perform inspections on your patio, especially as you will be less likely to miss any signs of rot or need of repair. Make sure you’re equipped with a flashlight even during a bright and sunny day to make sure you can peek in between your boards. Use a flat-head screwdriver to probe and prod any areas you suspect of degrading. Try to get under your deck and check meticulously - especially the joists, beams, and posts.



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