We already know that for any homeowner - especially in lovely Perth - a patio is a worthwhile addition for you to truly enjoy your home’s outdoors. However if you’re looking for a little bit more incentive to get that outdoor room installed. You will be glad to know that a well-designed Perth patio or alfresco can also do wonders to make your home even more valuable come selling time.

Time magazine has listed “Indoor-Outdoor Living” as one of the most sought after additions in buying a home stating that “Millennials and younger buyers, in particular, are increasingly demanding a patio and multiple outdoor areas.” As such having a patio has been one of the driving factors in increasing the value of a home.



Building on great alfresco design ideas means ensuring that your home’s living space is not just constrained by the walls you put up. The most in-demand alfresco Perth homeowners gravitate towards are those that find the perfect balance between indoor comforts and outdoor freedom.

Not to mention how an outdoor room is the perfect staging area for entertaining guests and family get-togethers. With your backyard readily available for larger groups and gatherings, it’s no wonder why it’s often in the list of things to look for when buying a home.



Some projects, of course, can spell more for your home value than others. If you want to make sure you get the most of out of your alfresco area designs, consider these points and how they may be of import not only to you, but to any potential buyers in the future:


  • Space
    More often than not, you shouldn’t be using your ENTIRE backyard for a patio - even on a small yard. Consult with a professional to figure out just how much of your backyard should you be converting into your patio.


  • Work With Your Home
    Always have your patio project coincide with your existing home aesthetic. Often it is also placed near an entry to your home - this way it gives a more cohesive feel between the two structures.


  • Outdoor Privacy
    To keep from nosy onlookers judging your dietary preferences or your taste in literature, it’s also important that you consider your privacy. Building your outdoor room in full view of everyone driving past your home is probably not such a good idea (which is why most patios are built round the back). Some well-placed ornamental trees and dividers can also do the trick.