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One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to highlight your alfresco is with the perfect lighting package. There are many ways to light your alfresco, from simple LED downlights fitted within the ceiling, to uplights on a wall, to spotlights on the stairs, to candle-like lights on the table.

And of course, it’s not just your alfresco that can be illuminated. You can also find a range of creative lighting for your yard, your pool and the exterior of your house. You can illuminate trees and plants, you can illuminate a wall garden or screen, or you could even illuminate a piece of art on your garden wall.

Your only limitation is your imagination!

How Patio Living can help

At Patio Living, we believe in creating an overall alfresco experience. That includes the alfresco design itself, but it also includes the yard, the pool, and the lighting. In order to make your alfresco look as good as possible, we think that you should coordinate all aspects of your design.

That means creating an alfresco design that flows out of the house and into the yard, in one seamless transition. We can help you design an alfresco that complements your home and your yard, pulling together all aspects of the space you have available so that it incorporates a unified design throughout.

One of the finishing touches on that design is the lighting. While some people can forget about the way their alfresco will be lit, it is an important aspect of creating a design that works both during the day, and at night.

After all, if you are sitting having dinner or drinks on your alfresco in the evening, having the right lighting is crucial. The right lighting not only highlights great features of a yard, pool or alfresco, it can also create the ambience you desire.

To help you create the lighting package that you want, we work with a dedicated team of professional electricians who have spent many years working with us to create stunning lighting solutions.

These solutions can illuminate your yard, your alfresco, your house, and your pool and spa – whatever works best within your design. And of course, their workmanship is durable, it is built to last, and it is specifically selected to suit the environment we live in.

Choosing the right lighting package

To get an idea of what is possible, do some research online to find other alfresco and landscaping lighting ideas. This can help to inspire you, and let your imagination run wild. When you’re ready to talk over your ideas, we can help guide you with regards to what may work, what will look good, and what is actually achievable.



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