As the summer season kicks in heat becomes a factor and thirst turns into a real concern. Why not invite people over for drinks in your alfresco? There’s no better way to turn parties and potlucks into unforgettable summer events than by serving up ice-cold beverages that beat the heat. Here’s our take on entertaining with drinks in your alfresco.



The Beverage Bar

A beverage and snack makes it easy and convenient to store and organize your drinks, glassware, ingredients, ice and snacks, and therefore makes it easier to serve and entertain your guests. Everything you need to ensure a continuous stream of refreshments is within reach.


But even if you do not have a bar there are numerous ways you can improvise one. The idea is to have a place to park all the things you need to pour out and prepare the beverages. Designating a table will do. Line up all the drinks, glasses and a bucket of ice. Then set some chairs around the table. You should be good to go.


If your drinks need to be chilled and your fridge is all the way in your house, no problem. Just put all your drinks in an icebox, a tub, a drum or any such suitable container and fill it up with ice. And you’re good to go!


Alcoholic Drinks

If you don’t believe in serving alcoholic beverages then you can skip this part and move on to the next section. But perhaps you’d like to read this entertaining piece in defense of alcohol before you move on.


If you’re still reading this then you’re all for entertaining with grog, we take it. For most occasions, especially informal get-togethers, beer ought to provide enough inebriation. But if you want something more cultured, host a wine-tasting afternoon, or throw a wine and cheese party. Australia is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world and there are many fine vintages to choose from. If you have reason to celebrate, then it’s time to pop open a bottle or two (or more) of bubbly. Sparkling wine and champagne are staples for celebrations, but can also be enjoyed for no reason at all.


Cocktails can be loads of fun for everyone and are a must at gatherings. They are quick to prepare and can keep everyone entertained while waiting for the meal to be served. There are three popular approaches to serving cocktails.


          • Provide a wide variety of liquors and mixers and serve your guests a full bar experience.

          • Or you may opt for a themed bar and focus on a single type of liquor and its corresponding mixers.

          • Or serve only one type of cocktail and nothing more; that’s what a signature cocktail bar is all about.


Check out these recipes of the top 20 cocktails, shared by one of the world’s leading bartenders.


Non-Alcoholic Drinks

This may be hard to believe, but you don’t really need a buzz to have fun. That means alcohol is optional in these summer soirees at the alfresco. These beaut beverages demonstrate just that.


Sodas are reliable pleasure packs that give you a sugar rush and instant caffeine fix. They are guaranteed to hit the spot when served ice-cold on a warm summer day. But if you are looking for less sugar and more refreshment, iced teas and tea punches should do the trick. You can even whip up your own concoction. Here’s a recipe for a minty tea punch.


How can you go wrong with lemonade? This summer staple not only beats the summer heat, but is loaded with antioxidants that provide loads of health benefits. We found this site that features a dozen variations of lemonade.


Why should alcoholic cocktails have all the fun? Mocktails feature similar exciting beverage concoctions, without the threat of a hangover. These are safe for kids and preggos, as well. Check out these delicious mock cocktail recipes.


Fruit juices have been reliable, go-to thirst quenchers since the dawn of time. These modern fruity preparations, though, are guaranteed to bring your entertainment to new levels.