There are a couple of great reasons for you to build an outdoor kitchen right in your alfresco. It’s a fun way to entertain guests. After all, who doesn’t love to hang out by the grill to see what’s cooking? Adding a kitchen is a solid investment that extends your living space and adds value to your property. A modern kitchen built using high quality materials will provide years of pleasure and enjoyment. Plus, cooking outdoor lets you cook on the barbie a lot more without having to worry about smoke and odours in your house. And it’s a healthier alternative, too. Grilled food is incredibly tasty and has less grease.


But before you get started in adding in a new kitchen in your alfresco, here are some things to consider.



Having the proper connections to utility lines is crucial to the success of your outdoor kitchen. If you are building on and renovating an existing patio, you need to check to ensure that the necessary connections are already in place. If you are building a new extension, make sure you have planned properly for these utility connections. Check with your utilities provider for the corresponding service and installation rules.



Then there is all the equipment you need for your alfresco kitchen -- stove, grill, storage, refrigeration, sinks and taps, countertops and islands and such. The equipment you install will depend on a number of factors.




Establish the floor layout. Asking these questions will allow you to design around your requirements.



Careful, realistic planning and considering limitations is key to building an outdoor kitchen. When done right, you can count on your alfresco to provide you, your family and your guests with endless hours of fun and pleasure.