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Before you start constructing your alfresco, your contractor for these construction services needs to secure the proper permits from your local council. There are two types of permits you may need to obtain.



  • Planning Permit 

    Normally governs how a specific site is used and developed but it also covers the design and appearance of buildings and boundary regulations.


  • Building Permit

    Issued by a registered building surveyor who has assessed your plans and is satisfied that these comply with council regulations. It’s essentially a “go” signal for you to start building your alfresco. However, you need to check with your council if you need a planning permit before you can be issued a building permit.


These permits force your contractor to comply with basic requirements for health, safety and structural soundness specified by the all-encompassing Building Code of Australia.


At the same time each local government may have its own set of guidelines and regulations that address the specific requirements of the area, such as planning regulations, heritage, environmental concerns and cultural factors.


You also need to be aware that exemptions may exist for decks and patios. Patio Living can advise you on what the conditions are for which a permit is not required. If it is possible to adjust your original specifications to fall within these conditions then that spares you from having to obtain and spend for the permits. However this would be very unusual and permits are required on almost all of our projects.


So before we build your outdoor extension, Patio Living will obtain the necessary permits so that your deck, pergola and alfresco are built safely and properly. We have been dealing with your shire in relation to these issues for over 20 years so have a great working relationship with them. This and our professionally drawn and engineered applications ensure the process proceeds with little hassle.





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