Patio Living have a long history of incorporating  decorative and functional outdoor screens to  give more character to an alfresco.  They’re also one of our favorite ideas to enhance a garden. What started with trellis and evolved to timber and decorative slats  has now evolved to include   laser cut metal screens and we’re all excited about it.




   Spectacle of Lights


Laser-cut screens with special lighting add an enticing vibe to a space which might  otherwise hold little interest . The combination of light and shadow formed by the screen’s pattern can perfectly breathe life to an otherwise gloomy backyard.  We can advise how to best use the various lighting options to create a striking effect (or a modest one if needed!)


There are countless patterns and lighting combos to compliment your alfresco, we will work with you to find the perfect match.



Covering from the Weather 


This type of screen has a multitude of uses such as protection from the elements. Depending on the pattern, your screen offers subtle to maximum coverage from the sun with captivating patterns cast from its shade. You can also use professional lighting to create various moods that enfold the whole alfresco at night with effects based on lighting colors, placement and movement that the patterns create



Focal Point


Laser-cut screens have similar effect to  outdoor paintings and sculptures with none of the maintenance! They’re perfect for adding some character to your alfresco.  Generally, the backyard is a place where we spend time with family and friends and relax. The beauty of your garden’s leaves, branches, flowers and plants combined with the precise pattern of a laser-cut screen will look stunning - a nice focal point for your backyard. It’s a lovely contrast that balances the environment in your alfresco.



Main Function


Add some privacy to your patio with style with a classy Victorian,Gothic or one of many patterned laser-screens. Screening blocks out your neighbours and is appealing from both sides of the fence  and also provides different levels of coverage without blocking natural airflow and sunlight.



Laser-cut screen is a relatively recent  innovation in landscaping and alfresco design. Just like Patio Living, it’s versatile, functional and continues to develop with endless possibilities.