If you’re looking for the best alfresco ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Patio Living is Perth’s full service authority when it comes to anything and everything alfresco.




     It's Who We Are


Patios, decking, lighting and landscaping  are but a few areas of our expansive expertise when it comes to alfrescos.  We are a team of professionals who transform empty and unused spaces into exquisite living areas. We’ll help you create the perfect outdoor lounge for your home and we’ll take care of everything you need from estimating, designing, planning, sourcing materials to actual construction.



What We Do and How We Do It


A fully functional and well thought out alfresco is a fantastic  place to relax and a great area to entertaining your guests. It enhances the quality of living in your home while increasing the value of your property. However, this type of project takes a considerable amount of planning and we’re here to take care of that for you.  Here are some of the things we’ll do for you:


·         Design – if you have the perfect alfresco design in mind, we’ll make that a reality. If you haven’t thought of any yet, our experts will help you conceptualise and create an amazing outdoor space in your property.



·         Council’s Approval – our great relationship with the councils in Perth guarantees fast response every single time. There’s minimal time for waiting and once it’s approved, we’ll let you know immediately.



·         Landscaping – If you need an awesome landscape to match your new patio and pergola, look no further.  Our expert landscapers will grow wonders in your backyard, front yard or anywhere you prefer.



·         Furniture – outdoor kitchens, bbq’s, doors and blinds are elements of the total alfresco package that need careful consideration.  Our staff know what works best and can provide you with great suggestions to create a stunning outdoor ambience at home.



·         Lighting – we install professional lighting that illuminates the best features in your patio. It’s guaranteed to wow you and your guests!



Hundreds of homes and decades of experience taught us that building an impressive alfresco needs dedication, hard work, a group of expert tradesmen and a network of reliable suppliers. Our hard earned credibility as a full service construction company has gained us all the necessary aspects in the industry to bring your dream alfresco to life.