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Famous architect Harry Gesner shared his wisdom in the value of integrating the forces of nature with architecture.


His architectural acumen practically sums up our inspiration in creating alfresco living concepts geared at adapting the beauty of nature and its elements while creating harmony in style.




      Identifying Your Natural Beauty

Every property has its own identity. What makes a place unique is the combination of its own natural environment together with any human development. A home’s greenery, soil type, direction of sunlight and proximity to wildlife are all part of its natural identity.


Existing constructions such as a pool or a tree-house contribute to the ecosystem and also define the unique nature of your property.


All of these factors combine to establish your property’s natural beauty and identity. This consideration is invaluable in designing an alfresco that compliments your backyard’s assets, opens up new living spaces and covers over any areas you are less fond of.



Take Advantage of the Elements


Building an alfresco is the best opportunity to benefit from the elements in your property, diminish the harmful ones or better yet, do both.  Incorporating the direction of the wind, sunrise and sunset in your alfresco saves energy, maintenance and even water bills.


For example, placing your mini garden or landscape focal point near a natural lake, pond or existing swimming pool saves time, effort and water.  Using natural light while blocking heat through our Solar Pergola and roofing products also helps in curbing your electric bills.


Solar Pergola.jpg



Integrating Your Style and Personality


When you walk into your alfresco, we want you to feel that it’s a place of comfort that you’ll live many memorable moments with family,great experiences with friends, define your dreams and aspirations as well as celebrate achievements in life.


You can go with any style that is comfortable to you. It could be a sunset inspired lighting, rainforest themed furniture, italian decor, shabby chic, victorian or something that matches the architectural style of your home and blends in seamlessly to your living areas.


We want you to constantly experience inspiring moments in a sanctuary that reminds you of all the good things that motivate you and revive your energy.



Unique Concept


We do our best to stay away from the generic platform that some contractors do. All of our alfresco projects are uniquely created based on the aspects that affect your lifestyle as well as the things that matter to you most.


When we suggest design concepts, we also consider the existing layout of your home to make a smooth transition to your alfresco. We aim at designing an alfresco that bridges daily monotony to relaxation and reinvigoration.


Patio Living embraces nature, its forces and the evolution that comes with it.  We combine it with functionality and style to create exquisite alfrescos that’s one with the beauty and energy of nature and you.




Convert idle outdoor space into the alfresco of your dreams!

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