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When I recently went back to jogging through the usual trail near our house, I thought for a moment that I’d absent-mindedly wandered off track and lost my way.


Thankfully, the street signs and a few inquiries from passersby  confirmed that it’s the exact same place! The blocks of brown and black rocks, rows of lavender pots, green roses and yellow bushes with scattered wooden benches transformed the trail to a new scenic spot.



A good landscape can transport you to places like a Hawaiian paradise, a Zen garden in Kyoto or even to native bushland. If you have the space, perhaps you’ve been contemplating on re-designing your garden. And perhaps you’re also wondering how you’ll build it and when you’ll ever have the time.


To jumpstart your landscape and gardening plans, follow these simple yet tried and tested tips.


    The Inspiration

Do you have a specific garden idea in mind or an inspiration from a recent holiday? Or do you need some design suggestions? Your own landscape theme is the most ideal concept as you bring feel-good memories and associations that you personally relate to.. You’ll see fads come and go but you’ll always be comfortable with a landscaping plan that reflects your own style.



Size, Colors, Shapes and Texture


Plotting the architectural design of your landscape makes a significant difference. It creates a seamless theme with structures and plants that fit the concept. One of the most important things to consider when plotting your landscape design is the size and layout of the space you want to improve.



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Are you thinking of small garden ideas, a few pocket gardens or a full scale landscape complete with fountains for your backyard? The project’s size determines the ratio of plants and structures in your landscape.


Additionally, positioning various plants in pots or planter boxes have an impact on the overall feel of your garden. And when the plants grow, it’s easier to trim and shape them for a well-manicured look.  The colors, shapes and textures in your landscape are based on and represent your specified design inspiration.





Aside from making the place more presentable and inviting, your landscape and garden ideas may also serve your lunch. It can be the freshest source for your salad greens, herbs and fruits. Garden experts refer to it as “Food Scaping” or “Edible Landscaping” where you build a mini-pocket at the center of your garden table and pick your herbs from it while dining - a really nice idea suggested by international landscape designer Stephanie Cohen.





If you travel often and rarely have the time to trim and water your garden, it’s important to determine the type of plants you want for your yard as well as their lifespan. You wouldn’t want to come home one day and find a garden of potpourri and mulch.


A  lush landscape with little to no maintenance  is a matter of choosing the right plants according to the weather, type of soil and location of your property. Choosing from the wide array of Australian native plants on offer  such as bougainvillea will allow your garden to thrive with little to no maintenance in conditions that most plants will be troubled by.


We work with trusted landscapers to deliver the perfect garden for your home, compliment your alfresco and deliver an outdoor solution that suits you and your lifestyle.




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