A study from a reputed University showed that “Green Therapy” or “Ecotherapy” helps in alleviating various mental health problems such as stress and depression.


This type of therapy also showed that it helps reduce social isolation and improves physical health. The study shows that 71% of the participants who are battling depression showed improvements after spending some time with nature.



In comparison, only 45% of the participants who took a walk in a shopping mall showed improvements and 22% actually felt worse.


As enticing as it is to reap the benefits of outdoor activities and nature’s goodness, people often find numerous reasons to skip on the idea.





Many choose to take pleasure from lounging in the couch on a movie marathon while others blissfully sleep the whole day on the weekend. Convenience is also a major factor in hesitating to walk in the park. Some people have physical impairments that prevent them from getting outdoors, while others are simply not interested!


Those are just a few reasons people might think twice about spending quality time pursuing green therapy. However, these factors are slowly becoming a thing of the past with the advent of a new concept that merges the health benefits of the outdoors with the comfort and safety of the indoors.


In 2010, the Journal of Environmental Psychology published a study saying that as little as 20 minutes in an open environment with nature boosts energy levels that results in a more resilient body to fight against physical illness. Brief contact with nature is also sufficient to prevent mental health disorders.






In terms of convenience and safety, spending a nice meal in your backyard with family, friends or in solitude is a good start in appreciating nature and taking full advantage of its health benefits.


Your appreciation of nature will only grow more each time you expose yourself outdoors and you don’t even have to devote much time at all for this refreshing activity.




Start somewhere


Fixing an empty space in your property with a comfy outdoor couch facing the morning sun rays is a good start. As you enjoy a daily breakfast or afternoon tea alfresco, you’ll develop a routine of spending time with nature which progresses to a more active outdoor lifestyle.


Simple changes can make a big impact. It’s just a matter of starting somewhere today.