If you’re thinking about using pre-made insulated sheeting or sandwich panels in your home improvement project, there are a number of things that we think are worth considering first. Most Western Australian contractors and landscapers avoid using these materials for good reason…



   Hard to Install Electrical Lines


Most pre-made insulated panels are laminated with plastic making it hard to install electrical lines, sockets, switches and other types of fittings. Although it’s still possible to install fittings, there are quite a few limitations to keep in mind.


According to a study published by Zurich Risk Engineering through the Passive Fire Protection Alliance (PFPA),  certain tools must be avoided when working with sandwich panels. Builders have to be 100% aware of the type of tools that can be used for cutting insulated panels and it’s also necessary to take appropriate precautionary measures to avert any fire danger.


If the builder is not across all of the relevant  safety precautions, there is a risk that the boards can ignite  from the inside which will potentially endanger your home, waste materials and increase the cost of your build.



Highly Combustible


Some sandwich panels have highly combustible materials for insulation such as foam, styrofoam or similar materials. If ignited by faulty wiring, or for any other reason, these materials  can be very hard to extinguish or control. Any fire at your home is undesirable, but the use of fire retardant building products can at least reduce the risk if the worst occurs.



Air Leakage


Pre-made panels can cause air leakage issues if panels are  poorly fitted and have unsealed sections. A large benefit of insulated panels are that they allow better regulation of and more consistent temperature under your outdoor structure. If the insulation is rendered ineffective however, this benefit is lost.

Creating a better look


Ultimately, we’ve found that our clients tend to avoid this product as traditional lining solutions such as cedar, marine ply, gyprock and painted timber looks far better and last far longer.


Adding value to their home is high on the list of priorities for many of our clients when contemplating a major renovation and we have  no doubt that the lining options Patio Living offer will be a far better investment than some of the cheaper pre made roofing solutions.


You would not expect a builder to finish your interior ceilings in plastic so don’t settle for second best with your alfresco extension.


Our years of experience in construction are valuable when assessing the different building materials and possibilities. If you’re looking for a reliable contractor that will deliver an outstanding project to your specifications, contact us and we’ll show you the difference that sets us apart!