If there’s one major thing that has a large influence over alfresco design, it’s choosing between a gable, hipped or pitched roof! It only makes sense as the majority of your alfresco living space framework largely depends on your roofing choices.


Making the right choice will help boost your property’s value as these roof types have different effects on your alfresco’s atmosphere. In addiiton, these designs could either enhance or weaken your property’s aesthetic value. So how exactly do roof choices affect your alfresco?






Hipped roof structures are the type with four sides sloping downward to the walls and are shaped like a pyramid.  A gable roof has two sloping sides with two triangular and flat walls at opposite ends, while a pitched roof is flat and is at an angle of at least 5 degrees.




This type of roof creates the illusion of height, making a structure look taller, more open and inviting. The surfaces on each end are great for featuring home accents such as a window or garage door. Gable structures also allow for excellent airflow.



Hipped or Pyramid Roof 


The four sloping sides of a hipped roof have a more balanced and secure feel inside the  structure. With a roof line that is more enclosed, hips allow for the feel of an outdoor room.





Pitched roof structures allow you to create an open environment with clean lines and a more direct connection with the outdoors.





Windy locations can be unfavorable to gable roofs. Gable frames must be strictly constructed and braced where necessary to ensure that it will withstand strong winds. Frequent high winds also risk peeling away improperly installed roof materials.


Therefore, a hipped roof is a better choice if your home is subject to high winds. Flat roofed structures are usually not susceptible to as much damage in high wind environments



Alfresco Atmosphere


A gable roof allows more natural light and air compared to hipped roof. As such such, gable roofs are better suited to alfresco living. However, you may want to infill the gable ends to prevent weather from getting into your structure.


Flat roof structures also provide a good degree of openess to the environment and you can pitch them so that they are able to work with the prevailing weather conditions and provide a generally drier environment.





Compared to gable and pitched roofs, hipped roofs have a more complex framework and require more materials to build. Hence, they are more expensive to build.


Choosing the right roof can be a tough job which is usually dependent on the setting of your yard and it’s drawbacks and benefits. We incorporate innovative solutions to overcome various traditional design issues such as the use of the Solar Pergola. We can also use a combination of all  roofing styles so you can enjoy numerous benefits and make the most of your space.


Whichever design you choose, Patio Living’s seasoned professionals will make sure we understand what you want in your alfresco and tailor your project to suit!