Renowned landmarks of the world have one thing in common -  beauty that reflects culture, history and uniqueness. They highlight the best in their people; their achievements, legacy and aspirations. These traditional forms of architecture look to a combination of functionality and aspirational decorative flourishes. And these traditional styles are changing as today's fast paced lifestyles develop a different architectural outlook.  



The majority of today’s establishments including houses and apartments adapt to a different kind of architecture. The kind that dismisses beauty and leans toward functionality. Le Corbusier, one of the pioneers of the Bauhaus movement once said that “a house is a machine for living in.” Hence the principle “form follows function” where designs are based on utility and place less importance on creative expressions.


In all honesty, why would anyone want to live and rest in a machine? Pure functionality can be bearable in the workplace where people are expected to be efficient their nine to five jobs. But when the day is over, would you be excited to come home to another place designed purely for functionality? Or would you rather rest and relax in your beautiful patio where everything in it reminds you of the things that you work hard for? We at Patio Living understand what it means to come home to a real home.




Instead of a set of chairs and tables in an empty space, we create beautiful resort-like living areas that make you focus on the things that inspire you and forget about the outside world. And when we talk about beauty, we refer to something significant, more than skin deep. The kind of beauty which equates with quality that lasts a lifetime.


A beautiful home does a lot more than meets the eye. Patio Living understands that when people go to resorts and hotels, they pay for the lavish structures and comforting features - beauty for the eyes and beyond,  beauty that inspires. This is what we aim for; we make it possible for families and individuals to come to a place that makes them see and feel the beauty that is defined by their aspirations in life.


We transform a house into a beautiful home that expresses the best of who you are inside and out - a home that reflects beauty, a home that reflects you.