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Certain types of plants and garden accents deliver an extraordinary vibe to an alfresco. We’ve listed below several garden trends to inspire your imagination and create stunning new possibilities for your space. What’s even better is that most of these plants and accents are almost maintenance-free! Here are just some of the most fascinating garden ideas you can try.   





Succulents have an outstanding and unique character that everyone adores. They have a rich texture, great shapes and come in vibrant colors that pop. Some varieties grow in small clusters while others grow large heads such as the echeverias. They flourish effortlessly by watering once or twice a week depending on the weather. These lovely plants in full bloom are even more attractive when potted together in a huge planter. It makes an excellent garden centerpiece with a style and size that’s as grand as your imagination.


In the example below, the designer used an old fountain with several holes underneath for drainage and ventilation. A group of succulents in various sizes, shapes and colors that are nicely arranged on each layer gives an overall look of a fresh blooming centerpiece. Just look at how well they fit together! The large heads bloom with contrasting colors while the small ones fill the gaps and add a brighter hue. You’ll also notice that the previously unusable old fountain complements the entire arrangement.


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Here’s another brilliant idea by the Decoist. A bunch of  colorful succulents in varied textures, shapes and lengths are richly flourishing on an all-white timber wall.


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There’s something about bamboo’s natural look that’s so neat, elegant and calm. Its coherent branches, leaves and color usher the mind to peacefulness and relaxation - something effortlessly zen. It’s also quite easy to care for.


In general, bamboo only needs watering once a week. Its falling leaves are also useful in enriching the plant in the same way as mulch.


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Just like other plants, bamboo can be groomed to form various structures. For an elegant look, plant the bamboo together in groups. This way, they’ll form a lovely screen while breathing fresh air to your backyard.


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Bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees in a container. The word “bon” is a Japanese term that literally means a shallow pot or a tray. A bonsai packs the unique aesthetics of a typical tree into a very small version. It lets you see the beauty of a willow tree in a 360 degree view without going a significant distance. Having an actual tree or two in your very own garden is just brilliant and caring for it is fairly easy too!


In a nutshell,  bonsai typically need water when the soil is slightly dry, outdoor trees need lower temperatures and since they're in a planter, they need regular fertilization with amounts and frequency depending on their species. So what does bonsai do to your lawn?


Bonsai looks gorgeous on its own as a garden center piece or arranged together with other plants. A couple of these compact wonders in medium-height offer a well-manicured mini forest in your backyard. Each tree has its own unique character that’s quite an intriguing and an effective conversation starter.


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Suiseki is a Japanese art that entails appreciation of rocks or stones that are arranged to resemble mountains, animals and any other objects. The shape of the rocks are naturally formed by the elements over long periods of time. To the Japanese culture, Suiseki also incorporates the values of stability, longevity and immortality.


These stones’ particular shapes and sizes add a peculiar element to a garden. To highlight the unique structure of the rocks, they are usually washed, polished and placed on a wooden plate or stand. It’s a unique garden accent that balances the softness of the plants while giving an overall natural zen vibe to your alfresco. And most of all, the elements can never harm it and it hardly needs maintenance.


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These are just some of the amazing must-try garden ideas we have in store for you. In our next blogs, we’ll share more about the the best plants for your alfresco as well as pointers how to care of them.




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