Giving your property value a boost might sound harder than it is, but with a few simple changes you can increase your home’s worth in no time.


1 - Consider Knocking Out Walls

Go over the walls in your home. Are all of them necessary? If you think you can probably do without a non-structural wall, chances are you’re better off knocking them down. Taking down a wall can open up space in your home and really transform its overall feel. You can even extend an existing room into an alfresco and really integrate the space of the outdoors into your home.

Consider the wall between your living room and your kitchen. If you have them adjoined in your home, getting rid of the wall between them would make for a more spacious living area - perfect for entertaining guests, and a great way to get more light in your home.


2 - Tend To Your Garden

Your home’s outdoor flora also play a huge factor in the value of your property. Not only are unkempt trees, vines, and bushes unsightly, they can also block natural light, breed pests, and block the view from both outside and inside. Make sure you invest in a good landscape artist, as well as some regular gardening to keep things in good order.


3 - Get Your Neighbors Involved

You could have the best house on your block and still not be able to maximize your home’s value if your neighborhood is unsightly. The appeal of your home from the street - or “curb appeal” - is something you might want to consider.

Get your neighbors involved in community activities like clean-up drives, or even lawn contests. Have regular barbecues or get-togethers thrown in a backyard every now and again to keep everyone on their toes. Not only will this promote a clean and healthy neighborhood, it will also build on your sense of community and help everyone get to know each other better.


4 - Pay Attention To Your Kitchen

Any broker worth his/her salt will tell you that the kitchen is always one of the go-to places in getting property value up. A few quick changes to your taps, countertops, or tiles will go a long way. Have some fresh new pots and pans hanging overhead a counter or island bench and you’ll be sure to catch the attention of buyers and brokers. You could even consider replacing your kitchen appliances.


5 - Spruce Up Your Backyard

Another oft underutilized home aspect is the backyard. One would think that a good patio or alfresco would be a given in most Australian houses. You’d be surprised, however, at just how much a fresh alfresco design or a newly renovated outdoor room will do to increase the value of your home.


Small Alfresco Areas


Pick out a patio design that works with the overall theme of your home. Or don’t, and make your alfresco truly pop out and take you to a totally different place in your home. Either way you’ll be reaping the rewards of an uptick in your home’s value by simply making the most of a part of your home that’s already there in the first place.

While there are definitely a lot more other ways for you to increase the value of your home, the above mentioned are just some of the more often overlooked yet easily actionable ways you can get more out of your property.