Atwell - before Atwell - after

Ryan and Dee and their two daughters had moved into a new home in Atwell but inherited a backyard with an old steel framed patio, a lawn that was struggling, and not much space to entertain family and friends.

Salter Point - before Salter Point - after

Patio Living helped Debbie and Duncan in Salter Point create an amazing alfresco extension that looks like it was constructed when the home was originally built. Its clever design and choice of materials mean it has a perfect connection to the original house.

Applecross - before Applecross - after

When one of our contractors stood on Jane and Daryl's old deck he probably appreciated how much they needed some shade!

The location overlooking the pool was perfect but the existing deck had been ruined by direct sunlight. The family, exposed to the sun themselves rarely sat up there.

Now they have a new deck with a superior hardwood floor that contrast beautifully with the lined white alfresco ceiling above.