Colorbond Patio Extension - before Colorbond Patio Extension - after

This flat colorbond patio might have kept our clients relatively dry but it still leaked, didn't let in much light into the home and wasn't that inviting for friends and family during the summer.

A new timber framed addition with the latest heat reflective polycarbonate sheeting now offers a sanctuary from the elements all year round.

Bar 399 - before Bar 399 - after

The bar, a popular venue simply called Bar 399 is on one of the busiest Streets in Northbridge, William Street that leads into the city. The original umbrella was not really providing any shade for the clientele wandering in after work for a glass of wine or a cold beer. It also meant the area saw very few patrons when the rain arrived.

Now they can kick back and relax under the shade of a very sleek new roof designed with a steel frame and heat reflective polycarbonate sheeting that still lets in some light but diffuses most of the suns direct heat.

We started the project on Monday the 5th of December and finished two days later!

As a result, the open home is fully booked.

City Beach Alfresco Extension - before City Beach Alfresco Extension - after

Job was for Richard in city beach and he was advised by his real estate agent that a high quality alfresco extension would make an enormous difference to the value of his home as he was about to put the property onto the market.

As a result, the open home is fully booked.

Living Area - before Living Area - after

Jo & Rob in Sorrento were looking to utilise wasted space to create another living area for them to enjoy with their family, but wanted it to look like it was always part of the home. A beautiful raised deck and custom roof design means that they will be able to everyone around for Christmas. Some custom Blinds and Shutters mean that is can be used year round.