Living Area - before Living Area - after

Jo & Rob in Sorrento were looking to utilise wasted space to create another living area for them to enjoy with their family, but wanted it to look like it was always part of the home. A beautiful raised deck and custom roof design means that they will be able to everyone around for Christmas. Some custom Blinds and Shutters mean that is can be used year round.

Claremont - before Claremont - after

Update on Sarah and Steve's place in Claremont the before and the after now the blinds are on the cedar lined alfresco.

Living Area - before Living Area - after

Nic, Erica and their three children had given up trying to enjoy the great outdoors on the tiny concrete veranda and decided to renovate the back of their home and add a much larger deck and lined alfresco.

Patio living helped design the new extension and the end result is a spacious raised deck, that's protected by a white lined ceiling and screening to provide privacy from the neighbours.

Thomas Wembley Downs - before Thomas Wembley Downs - after

This tired old Balinese style pergola was replaced with a stunning lined alfresco complete with stone clad fireplace and a new deck.