Keane Floreat - before Keane Floreat - after

From a dark enclosed space that never saw dinner parties or the family kicking back enjoying the summer evenings together to a bright open space you can entertain in all year round.

Carruthers Nedlands - before Carruthers Nedlands - after

This was a tiled carport in Nedlands with driveway, retaining and landscaping organised by Patio Livings landscape team.

Sadlier in success - before Sadlier in success - after

This old timber patio had seen a lot of parties in its day but was ready to collapse when Patio Living arrived. In its place we designed and built an uplifting white lined alfresco that now sees much better parties and provides a fantastic spot to relax after a dip in the pool!

Melville - before Melville - after

With a deck that was probably not safe to walk on any more and little shade cover to speak of the owners growing family rarely ventured outside. Now nearly every month of the year can be enjoyed on a much improved and enlarged deck, a timber framed roof with the latest heat reflective polycarbonate roofing provides the perfect protection above.